Pablo Enriquez


Pablo Enriquez, RCIS

The Mount Sinai Hospital

Lead Cardiovascular Tech

My name is Pablo Enriquez and I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself and share a bit about my background and experience. I have been very fortunate to have had a 20+ year career at Mt. Sinai Hospital, alongside my mentors, Dr. Samin Sharma and Annapoorna Kini. I’ve been able to live through the evolution of coronary PCI, from the early days to today. Working in one of the highest volume hospitals in the world has given me exposure to a variety of devices and the level of complexity in our case mix allows us to truly challenge devices and see what really works. As Chief Tech, I’m responsible for training all of our new techs and I collaborate with the nurse manager in the management of the staff. I’m the first to be certified in any device that comes through the lab and am responsible for ensuring that my staff is certified as well. These devices include closure devices, various imaging modalities such as IVUS and OCT, ventricular assist devices, Impella, Balloon Pump Cadiohelp, ECHMO, etc.

New York, NY, United States

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