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Sameer Mehta, MD, MBA

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Sameer Mehta, MD, FACC, MBA, is a U.S. interventional cardiologist who has presaged a new medical specialty of the STEMI Interventionist with his innovative work in performing angioplasty for treating heart attacks. Dr. Mehta has pioneered the development of population-based heart attack programs in several countries including China, India, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Egypt, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Colombia. Dr. Mehta is the Chairman of the Lumen Foundation and Course Director of Lumen Global, the iconic AMI meeting, now in its 16th year, and an international rendezvous of STEMI thought leaders and a powerhouse of generating protocols that improve STEMI care in low and middle income countries. Dr. Mehta has published extensively about improving STEMI outcomes by optimizing procedural techniques and by refining the STEMI process. More recently, Dr. Mehta’s research and training endeavors in AMI care have involved the use of telemedicine and Artificial Intelligence to reduce disparities of care between developed and developing countries and to increase access to urgent treatment for AMI. Dr. Sameer Mehta is a past Chief of Interventional Cardiology at Cedars Medical Center, a past President of the American Heart Association in S. Florida, a past Chairman of Research at Miami Heart Institute and a Rotary Scholar. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, an Emeritus Fellow of the Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology and a Fellow of the Cardiology Society of India

Miami, FL, United States

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