Abiomed (NASDAQ: ABMD) is a leading provider of groundbreaking medical technology that provides circulatory and oxygenation support. The Impella® heart pump platform is designed to enable the heart to rest and recover by improving blood flow and/or temporarily assisting with the pumping function of the heart. The Abiomed Breethe OXY-1 System™ is designed to provide oxygenation while supporting patient mobility.

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What is Impella with Dr. Bobbi Bogaev Chapman
Impella, the world’s smallest heart pump, is a support system of percutaneous catheter-based technology offering hemodynamic support to the heart. Impella has been treating patients in the United States since 2008. Impella heart pumps allow the heart to rest and recover by temporarily assisting the pumping function of the heart to efficiently deliver blood and oxygen to the entire body.
Protected PCI with Impella® Guidance Protoco
Impella® Procedure with SINGLE-ACCESS TECHNIQUE Procedural Steps